Portfolio to transform education

FALCONI Management Method

We implement solutions with the language and an approach that is specific for the educational area. Focusing on results, our problem solving Method is PDCA, which acts at the strategic, tactical, and operational levels of educational networks.

Educational Incentives

We assist in the elaboration and execution of recognition and incentive programs for the main agents of the educational process.

Communication Plan

We develop communication strategies, using appropriate content and channels to reach different target audiences.


We act to structure Public-Private Partnerships, in addition to alternative partnerships models with open architecture , meeting the needs of the education departments.

Priority education zones

We work with governments to identify and propose specific policies for regions with low educational performance and/or with a critical socioeconomic profile.

Training Structures

We structure preparatory and in-service training models for school network professionals.

Regulatory Frameworks

We work with governments to identify and propose regulatory frameworks necessary for policy institutionalization and sustainable results.

Information Technology

We develop plans to improve existing systems and/or the availability of a technological tool to control and monitor results.

Financial Management

We bring technical expertise in education and capital markets to propose financial solutions for governments and education companies.

Structural Actions

We work with solutions aimed at structuring standardized assessments, curriculum, and flow correction, among others.