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A really strategic HR: how to implement actions in a pratical way

Is the HR department a really strategical area for your corporation?

Leandro Dias

A really strategic HR: how to implement actions in a pratical way

Is the HR department a really strategical area for your corporation?

In the age of knowledge, it is interesting to notice how some companies still rely on an industrial model, a model that is focused on the production, with a fragmented structure. In such model, HR is nothing but an operational and bureaucratic division. It is isolated from other sectors of the company.

Nowadays we understand that people are at the center of businesses. They experience the company´s culture in the day-to-day operations, they collaborate with each other, build up processes, lead teams and make things happen.

A strategic HR works in collaboration with management, using real data in order to make decisions with agility and precision, decisions that contribute for the achievement of the strategic goals of the corporation.

In this context, the HR department is not only reactive – it is a sector that puts forward solutions that add value to the business and that push results through it most important asset: people.

A truly strategic HR department keeps on performing its operational tasks, but it also monitors the sector´s KPIs, uses technology to improve processes, develops the policy for cultural harmonization and enhances engagement of employees, without neglecting the care and responsibilities is has towards people.

However, implementing a strategic HR may require the adaptation of some cultural and processes. If you want to transform the way you turn your people management policy into the protagonist of your business, there are some steps that needed to be put into place:

  • Identify the performance indicators form your HR department and monitor the data to back it up;
  • Use data collection tools that optimize the monitoring and the HR management platforms that modernize processes. 
  • Set goals for the HR department that are aligned with the goals of the corporation and that contribute to its growth, all the while focusing on people;
  • Invest in the selection and retention of talent that is culturally fit for the company, instead of only devoting time to the bureaucratic aspects of the area;
  • Act with other sectors of the company, in an integrated way, and with management, in order to develop a holistic vision of the business;
  • Know how to communicate with employees and management in order to promote an effective internal communication between them, one that fosters a positive and healthy corporate environment.

Promoting such changes is a challenge for managers. It demands planning and methodology. But the resulting transformation is reflected in the satisfaction of employees and the results for the business. 

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