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Falconi Diversity & Inclusion program

Guided by our purpose and our belief in transforming the society in which we live, we started a rich internal debate on Diversity and Inclusion.

Eduardo Dantas

Falconi Diversity & Inclusion program

In 2017, guided by our purpose and our belief of transforming the society we live in, we kicked off a rich internal debate about Diversity and Inclusion. The movement grew, gained momentum and became, in 2018, an official program, led by the D&I (Diversity and Inclusion) Committee, therefore ensuring a systemic overview and a strong governance to activities. We set up teams and volunteers in motion and managed diversity related issues. Those are dealt with within one of the five Affinity Groups that we have in our corporation. They are:

  • CÓR (Éthnic and Racial);
  • Sem Limites (No Limits) (People with disabilities);
  • Falconi 8.03 (Gender equality);
  • B You (LGBTQIA+ community);
  • Talento Sem Fronteira (Talent Without Borders) (Education and Experience).

Each Affinity Group has been given specific activities, according to their scope of action. Besides, several measures have been institutionally implemented, split between Structuring and Education and Visibility Actions.

Acting as an essential tool for the definition of measures to be taken, every year, since the creation of the D&I Program, an internal Census and a Perception Poll is carried out. The data allow us to evaluate the corporation as a whole and on its details. It also allows us to pinpoint opportunities for improvement and evolution, and guides us in our next steps. We still have a long way to go in the path towards fair representation. But we know that, following guidelines of good management practices, the first step is to identify the problem.

Therefore, backed by facts and data, in the last few years we have taken a few structuring actions, such as:

  • Revision of Benefits to employees who are parents;
  • Definition of D&I metrics and goals;
  • Revision of hiring processes with a focus in increasing diversity;
  • Implementation of a trainee selection process specific for black people;
  • Revision of our communication material with an eye on D&I (communication representation);
  • Revision of our Compliance program.
  • Adoption of pacts and commitments related to the theme, such as: WEP (Women Empowerment Principles), Forum of Companies and LGTQIA+ and REIS (PwD).

As an action of education and visibility, with the aim of giving more power to and ensuring inclusion in the corporation, we held the Journey of the Ally, in which, for six months, knowledge pills were shared in the five themes according tho the interests of each ally. There was a sharing of material created by the groups and the suggestion of accessing external media (i.e. books, podcasts, films, etc) which had the goal of raising awareness and improving the education of these allies, and making them big supporters of priority causes.

To ensure that future employees are part of this change towards more diverse and inclusive corporations, since very early in their journey with us, all that has been developed by the affinity groups, since the beginning of the D&I program, is cataloged and has been made available in official storage, with ample access of all the information and training materials that have been produced.

We believe that PEOPLE are our greatest asset. We take care of them. We develop, listen, respect the differences and build an environment of trust and fulfillment. We believe that DIVERSE talents enable our team to generate exceptional performance, taking us closer to our goal of building a better society. We haven´t yet reached the levels we would like to, with a more faithful representation of the makeup of Brazilian society in our ranks. But we are moving in the right direction, because together we are stronger.

To achieve this goal we currently have concrete measure in place for that each of the mentioned themes, and in the coming months, each affinity group will make presentations about the main initiatives and the next steps to be taken so as to ensure we will reach our big dream.

Do you want to know more about our commitment with Diversity & Inclusion? Click here to watch the live stream we have made on this subject with the candidates of our Young Falconi Program.

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